METALLICA - Orgulho, Paixão e Glória

Em seu DÉCIMO PRIMEIRO dvd, a banda norte-americana Metallica, arrebenta em 3 noites de muito calor e rock´n´roll na Cidade do México

Esse super show veio ao Brasil em três versões:

* DVD Simples

* DVD + 2 cds

* Box 2 DVDs + 2 cds

lançado no Brasil em 2009 pela Universal

MusicTrack List:

1.Opening / The Ecstasy of Gold
2.Creeping Death
3.From Whom the Bell Tolls
4.Ride the Lightening
5.Disposable Heroes
7.Broken, Beat & Scarred
8.The Memory Remains
9.Sad But True
10.The Unforgiven
11.All Nightmare Long
12.The Day That Never Comes
13.Master of Puppets
14.Fight Fire With Fire
15.Nothing Else Matters
16.Enter Sandman
17.The Wait
18.Hit the Lights
19.Seek And Destroy

1.That Was Just Your Life
2.The End of the Line
3.Holier Than You
7.Trapped Under Ice
8.Turn the Page
9.The Prince
10.No Remorse
12.Wherever I May Roam
13.Harvest of Sorrow
14.Fade to Black
15.? And Justice for All
16.Dyers Eve / Credits

1.The Ecstasy of Gold - CD
2.Creeping Death - CD
3.From Whom the Bell Tolls - CD
4.Ride the Lightening - CD
5.Disposable Heroes - CD
6.One - CD
7.Broken, Beat & Scarred - CD
8.The Memory Remains - CD
9.Sad But True - CD
10.The Unforgiven - CD

1.All Nightmare Long - CD
2.The Day That Never Comes - CD
3.Master of Puppets - CD
4.Fight Fire With Fire - CD
5.Nothing Else Matters - CD
6.Enter Sandman - CD
7.The Wait - CD
8.Hit the Lights - CD
9.Seek And Destroy - CD

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